Purchase your VPN and save with Mr Key Shop. Get your license right in your inbox, through secure and SSL-encrypted payment methods. Access geo-restricted contents and protect your privacy and enjoy a full money-back warranty, with free English-speaking technical support. [click for more info]
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Purchase your VPN and save with Mr Key Shop. Get your license right in your inbox, through secure and SSL-encrypted payment methods. Access geo-restricted contents and protect your privacy and enjoy a full money-back warranty, with free English-speaking technical support.


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Purchase your VPN license now, unlock geo-restricted contents, access the worldwide streaming service catalogs, as well as save over the price lists.

VPN services from Mr Key Shop’s catalog are designed to help you surf the web fully safeguarding your privacy and anonymity, through 100% genuine but competitive-priced licenses. Do you want to access your local Netflix catalog while you’re abroad? Need to check your account balance while you’re waiting for your flight in the airport lobby? VPN is the service that helps you surf the web even from public networks without exposing your identity and navigation history to threats. Stay safe against hackers, trackers, and other data collection systems. Neither your ISP will be able to access your data!


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Mr Key Shop is well-known for our 100% safe and fast professional service. Install and activate the best VPN for your requirements. Make your secure and guaranteed payment and protect your privacy right away after the transaction. With us, you’ll get all you need to activate your account, download the VPN on the devices included in the chosen plan, and immediately surf in full anonymity.


Protect your privacy with the best VPN

Mr Key Shop is the one-stop shop in the digital market for over 350k users, and only offers the best VPNs. For over 18 years, we’ve provided our customers with fully digitalized service, with an encompassing software catalog of the highest quality, spanning from Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows 11 and Windows 10 to productivity suites like Microsoft Office 2021 and Office for Mac. For your online security, you can also buy the best PC, Mac and Mobile antiviruses like Bitdefender, ESET, and McAfee. Business users can also choose among the best storage and database software products, like SQL Server and Microsoft Storage Server, as well as the best VPN services to surf the web in full anonymity and privacy.


The best VPNs on Mr Key Shop 

With Mr Key Shop, you can ensure to buy 100% genuine and legit licenses, saving up to 70% over the MSRP. Choose the best VPNs in the market: no other service will offer pre and post-sale technical support, always at your disposal for any need, like picking the right product for you and your requirements or assisting you in case of doubt, questions, or issues during the after-purchase stage. Our free technical support will help you install your VPN if you need it.

Each order is secured by tracked and safe payment methods: we only rely on the best providers like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Furthermore, you can conveniently pay via debit/credit cards. At the end of your transaction, our Digital Delivery system will send everything you need in your inbox, so that you can immediately download, install, and use your VPN. You’ll find attached your subscription license and clear and simple guidance, as well as your official invoice.

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Activate your VPN and protect your data and the environment

We truly believe in the value of protecting your privacy, anonymity, and using the right tools to surf the web safely. It’s not surprising that we’ve been on the digital market since our inception and we know well the threats lurking online. For this reason, we suggest you activate only the best VPNs available. Furthermore, we’re sincere supporters of the digital delivery model as a key factor of environmental protection: each product sent via e-mail by Mr Key Shop is one less parcel on the street, each digital order placed in our store represents a decrease in polluting gases and packaging waste generated by the physical transport system.

By shopping from Mr Key Shop, you choose to embrace our Eco-Friendly culture and truly help us save the planet. We’re a 100% green company and we proudly do our part in making the world greener!


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What’s a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service designed to protect users’ anonymity and privacy while they surf the web through their ISP connection services or public networks like access points in hotels, airports, and malls.

By creating a Virtual Private Network and using an encrypted tunnel, a VPN encrypts navigation data, IP addresses, online history and other potentially sensitive data while entering the tunnel. Then it decrypts all the data once they exit from the tunnel and reach their destination online. This way, no external operator, including hackers and your Internet Service Providers will be able to access such data.

Furthermore, by creating a virtual network between you and a remote server, your VPN allows you to change your IP address, so that a given website or online service will believe your connection is coming from a different region. This is particularly useful when you wish to access geo-restricted destinations. For example, if you’re abroad as a student or for professional or leisure reasons, you might want to access your local Netflix catalog and watch your favorite shows, since the contents shown by streaming services change according to the region you’re coming from.

Moreover, VPNs are crucial to elude bans and censorship within specific countries where heavy restrictions are applied to Internet access. Let’s say you’re in China for work: you’ll need a VPN even to check your Gmail or access Google services.

There are many VPNs in the market, each with specific strengths. Our catalog includes the best products only, arranged according to the ideal platform you can use them for: some VPNs are better on Windows, others offer excellent apps for Mac, iOS, and/or Android, etc.

That said, whatever VPN service you’ll choose from Mr Key Shop, rest assured you’ll always save money, with all the help and support you might need.


What will I receive if I order my VPN from Mr Key Shop?

At the end of your secure checkout, you’ll obtain all you need for your chosen VPN subscription in your email, just as follows:

  • Your subscription license for the VPN and plan chosen
  • Clear and simple guidance on how to download the VPN apps, configure the service, and use your VPN to anonymously access the web
  • Invoice
  • Free, English-speaking Technical Support


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System Requirements

VPNs available from Mr Key Shop have specific requirements and support different platforms, like Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices. See each product or sub-categories for VPNs for PC, VPNs for Mac, and VPNs for Mobile to learn more.

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