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Buy a Gift Card from Mr Key Shop. Do you want to make a special and original gift for someone who has got everything? Our gift cards help you make a successful gift, always within your budget: you choose the amount and pay via secure and tracked methods, with a full money-back warranty. Need suggestions? Contact our free English-speaking Technical Support! [click for more info]


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Buy a Gift Card from Mr Key Shop. Do you want to make a special and original gift for someone who has got everything? Our gift cards help you make a successful gift, always within your budget: you choose the amount and pay via secure and tracked methods, with a full money-back warranty. Need suggestions? Contact our free English-speaking Technical Support!


Introducing Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards, for a special and successful gift!

Sometimes it can be hard to make the right present, for this reason, Mr Key Shop offers our Gift Cards. With these vouchers, you can let the recipient choose their preferred product and get it via email right away, with no waiting times. If you’re looking for an original gift idea, Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards are the answer!


How do Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards work?

Just like the standard gift cards, you can purchase Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards like you’d do for any other software product in the catalog.

To purchase one of Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards:

  • - Go to the Gift Cards section
  • - Choose the graphical layout for your voucher
  • - Input first and last name of the person who will send the gift (i.e.. you or another family member)
  • - Input the email address we’ll send the Gift Card to
  • - Choose the sent and received date for the email containing your gift card
  • - Choose the amount among the suggested values. Remember: your gift cards never expire!
  • - Click Preview to check the email including your Gift Card before you send it
  • - Once you’re satisfied with the result, add the gift card to your shopping cart and proceed with the checkout just like you’d do with any other product across Mr Key Shop’s catalog.

NB: we’ll send the email to the address you selected only once the payment is confirmed. The sent date will be the one you have chosen during the previous stage.

You can also send your gift card to your own inbox to print it and deliver it by hand. However, we recommend choosing digital delivery, this way you won’t waste paper and help save our planet!


How to redeem Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards

Did you give or receive a Gift Card by Mr Key Shop? Redeeming is super-easy! All you need to do is the following:

  • - Add your selected product(s) to the shopping cart
  • - Proceed with the checkout
  • - Input the gift card code in the relevant field
  • - Complete your order


About Mr Key Shop

For over 18 years, Mr Key Shop has been operative in the digital software market. Among the first businesses that adopted Digital Delivery for retail and business software, our store got an average rating of Excellent on TrustPilot, with a score of 4.9 (5 stars out of 5) and more than 2k positive reviews. We’ve successfully served over 350k customers across the world and we’re looking forward to offering you the best from our catalog too.

We’re a 100% authorized and professional store; with us, you can save up to 70% on all the software in our catalog, always with genuine and guaranteed licenses. For example, you can buy Windows 11 at an unparalleled price, or order and download Office 2021 or Office for Mac in real-time. In our catalog, you’ll also find the best antivirus and VPN brands, as well as business products like SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, and the best backup and recovery solutions.

Spoilt for choice? No problem: purchase a gift card, you’ll choose the amount and you can use it whenever you need it. With Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards, you can make a novel and useful gift! If you’re looking for gift ideas for a special event, visit our store and see which software you can present or choose with your gift card!

In case of doubt, contact our technical support team: our service is free and English-speaking. We can help you choose the best software solutions according to your needs. The same applies to the recipients of your Mr Key Shop Gift Cards!


What can you give to someone who has got everything?

We know it, technology lovers always go after the latest hardware and software products. Therefore, it’s hard to surprise them with an original gift. How can you choose? What if the present is a double or is deemed useless? We’re aware of how difficult it can be to find original gift ideas: for this reason, we’ve done something about it, right for you!

Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards are a special way to show your love and affection for the most important persons in your life, while resting assured you made a successful gift. Once the gift card is delivered, the recipient can confidently order their gift from our catalog, just like you’d do when you want to purchase a new software like Microsoft Windows or Office.

It’s fast and easy, with no second thoughts! Shopping for Gift Cards on Mr Key Shop is as easy as purchasing any other product across our catalog, with all the warranties a professional store like ours can provide: starting from secure and tracked transactions with the best payment platforms in the market: PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Apple, and Google Pay, as well as credit/debit cards.

Our Technical Support is always at your disposal free of charge and in English: if the person who receives your Gift Card cannot decide which software to get, they can always ask for customized recommendations. Our Team will be more than happy to help them, according to their available hardware and other requisites.


Help the planet, order an electronic Gift Card from Mr Key Shop!

How much paper, plastic and non-recyclable materials are released in the environment every day? The answer is daunting. At Mr Key Shop, we’ve chosen to ditch physical good transportation since our first day of business, because that’s one of the primary causes of pollution and waste.

For this reason, we distribute our products solely via the digital delivery channel: each order is processed in real-time via email. Together with the environmental benefit, you can enjoy lower prices (no shipping fees) and instant delivery. This is why we define ourselves as a 100% eco-friendly business. And, with us, you can make a difference too! By the way: you can send your Gift Card via email or messaging apps - you don’t necessarily have to print it out. This way, you’ll save paper and help reduce waste.


What you get when purchasing a Gift Card from Mr Key Shop

Your Gift Card arrives via email and includes a discrete code that can be redeemed at checkout. This code is valuable and unique because it allows the Gift Card recipient to order their gift from Mr Key Shop.

Once you complete your Gift Card Order, you’ll get the following in your inbox:

  • - The Gift Card code
  • - Instructions on how to redeem the voucher
  • - Invoice

In case of doubt or to learn more, please visit the FAQs section before you proceed.


System Requirements

The best part of purchasing a Gift Card from Mr Key Shop is that you can forget about hardware requisites. The recipient will choose their product according to their hardware. Rest assured our Technical Support team can help you and your beloved ones choose the best software. Contact us via live chat whenever you need it!

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