How can I buy a Mr Key Shop Gift Card?

Go to the Gift Card page, select the style of your voucher, and choose the amount (min. $10). Then, all you have to do is input your email (if you want to print your gift card and deliver it by hand) or the recipient’s address, a personalized message, and the sent date. Once you complete your customization, select the payment method and complete your purchase. The Gift Card will be delivered on the day you selected. 


Can I use multiple Mr Key Shop Gift Cards on one single profile?

Yes, you can. The amount of each gift card will be detracted from the total price of your order.


I received a Gift Card, how can I redeem it?

To redeem a Gift Card, sign in to Mr Key Shop and add the products you want to purchase to the shopping cart. To use the credit, all you need to do is input the Gift Card code in the Promo Code field and add it before you complete the checkout.


Can I apply a discount code when I pay using a Gift Card?

Yes, after you select your product(s), select the Gift Card credit and input the Promo Code you wish to use in the relevant space, then also add the discount code you wish to use. Complete your purchase by selecting your preferred payment method.


Can I use a Gift Card for multiple purchases?

Yes, your credit can be used to pay for one or more orders. At the end of the checkout, the remainder credit of your Gift Card will be credited to a new Gift Card you’ll receive via email.


Do Mr Key Shop’s Gift Cards expire?

No, Gift Cards have no expiry dates and you can use them in different sessions as long as you have available credit.


Can I check the balance of my Gift Card?

You can see the balance of your Gift Card in the email you received from Mr Key Shop. 


Can I return a Gift Card and get cash in exchange?

No, you cannot return, block, refund, or convert in cash any Gift Card. Your card won’t be blocked or reimbursed in case of loss or theft.


Can I use a Gift Card to buy a new Gift Card?

No, you can’t.


Can I refill a Gift Card?

No, you cannot refill a Gift Card. However, if you add a new Gift Card, our system will sum the amounts. 


What should I do if my balance is insufficient and I want to make a purchase?

Input your Gift Card code in the Promo Code you can find on the Cart screen, then select a payment method. The system will withdraw the remaining amount after the Gift Card credit from the selected payment method.


Can I return a product I bought with a Gift Card?

Yes, you can return your products as long as you didn’t activate your license. Once you complete the return process, the amount of Gift Card you spent will be returned by issuing a new Gift Card with that amount.


If I return an order I paid by using the Gift Card and another payment method, how will the refund be processed?

If you want to return an order you paid by using a Gift Card together with another payment method, you’ll receive a combined refund. The amount you paid with the Gift Card will be returned in the form of a new Gift Card, the remaining amount will be refunded to the original payment method you used with the order.


What’s the minimum/maximum amount I can define for a Gift Card?

You can define a Gift Card with an amount between $10 e $400.


Can I ship the Gift Card to the recipient’s home address?

When you buy a Gift Card from Mr Key Shop, you can input the email address of your recipient, together with a personal message. Once you complete your payment, the recipient will receive the Gift Card in their inbox, with the activation code and your message. 


Can I purchase multiple Gift Cards from Mr Key Shop in the same order?

Yes, you can purchase multiple Gift Cards with a single order: just add them one by one to the cart.


Can I send the Gift Card to my own inbox so that I can personally deliver it to the recipient?

Yes, you can buy one or more Gift Cards and use your own email address for the delivery. Once you receive your email, you can print the Gift Card and personally hand it over to your recipient.