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Order Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs. With Mr Key Shop, you can save over the price list, pay via secure methods with a full money-back warranty, and get each order right after the purchase.... [click for more info]
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Order Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs. With Mr Key Shop, you can save over the price list, pay via secure methods with a full money-back warranty, and get each order right after the purchase. Discover all the benefits of the digital world from our store, including our free English-speaking Technical Support.

Purchase Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CAL for your Business

Optimize your business operations by purchasing Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs. Only with Mr Key Shop you can save over the MSRP and activate your CAL licenses for Windows Server 2016 right away. Manage all the access authorizations to your remote desktop services: whether you have to serve your IT staff or your paid RDS service customers, you can deploy your licenses in no time, right after your checkout process. A huge benefit you can only get from Mr Key Shop!

What are RDS USER CALs?

CAL means Client Access License and the RDS USER CALs allow nominal users to access the remote desktop services running on a server instance. Specifically, if your business is running an instance of Windows Server 2016 with the RDS (Remote Desktop Service) enabled, your USER CALs allow you to authorize nominal users to access your remote desktop services, just like they were physically in front of the remote machine.

For example, you can grant your employees access to the remote resources from a server located in another area in your headquarters or authorize your customer to access paid RDS services, i.e. a remote help desk. Benefits are significant, both from the security perspective, since you’ll ensure full access control, and from the commercial point of view, because you’ll only authorize paying customers to your services.

Discover all the features of Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CAL

With Windows Server 2016, users can directly connect to the whole remote desktop (VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or only view the remote application (RemoteApp – Session-based virtualization). By launching one of the remote apps, the user will feel like running them on their own PC as a local app, with no lag and no confusion over desktops. 

Instead, if you wish to activate unique devices, regardless of the user count, buy Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs. With Mr Key Shop you can enjoy the highest flexibility: choose the type of CAL you need and order the best license bundle according to your requirements. You can buy your license in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 unit packages, with the possibility of activating each license whenever you need to, with no time restrictions. This is another plus from Mr Key Shop!

Deploy your RDS CALs for Windows Server 2016 within a few seconds in Digital Format

Time is money, especially for dynamic businesses like yours. Don’t have your customers or IT staff waiting! Purchase Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs from Mr Key Shop’s catalog and deploy the licenses to all authorized workers and customers in no time. This way, you’ll grant access to the crucial remote resources to coworkers and employees or you’ll immediately enable your Remote Desktop Service subscribers and address all their needs.

Service timeliness is just one of Mr Key Shop’s strengths. We built a store where shopping is also safe and easy. The purchase process is very fast, with a few clicks, and each order is immediately delivered via email right after the order. Everything is served by secure payment platforms with an SSL certificate, among the most popular and reliable ones: PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Google, and Apple Pay are just some of the many secure payment options you can choose. We’re also a professional store, and we offer all the warranties you expect from a vendor like use: full money-back warranty and free English-speaking Technical Support for each order!

Enjoy the Digital World with Mr Key Shop

The world is getting even more digital. The preferred channel for software distribution is digital delivery; more and more companies are shifting to this model. We have believed in it for 18 years as we built a 100% digital store. Time proved us right: we successfully served over 350k customers and we’ve been awarded an average score of Excellent on TrustPilot.

We always honor our customers’ trust with our fast, safe, and professional service. Our team of experts is consistently working to find the best digital licenses, all 100% genuine and fully guaranteed, at the lowest price points, to ensure you can save up to 70% compared to other platforms.

With us, you can enjoy a full catalog with Microsoft Operating Systems, like Windows 11 Professional, and the most popular versions of Office, like Microsoft Office 2021 Professional and Office 2021 Home & Business for Mac. See all Windows Server products, like SQL Server 2016, Storage Server, and Windows Server 2016, with all the relevant CALs you may need, both in USER CAL and DEVICE CAL format. Finally, you can also save over the best Antivirus, like Kaspersky Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection. Secure purchases, instant delivery, free Technical Support: Mr Key Shop is your one-stop shop for the Digital World!

Activate and deploy your Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs and protect the environment!

If you’re familiar with our store, you already know that our professional service is based on three pillars: timeliness, simplicity, and security. A digital service like ours allows you to save over the MSRP compared to other stores, as well as ensuring no downtime: our instant digital delivery system ensures you can activate your licenses right after the purchase.

We know time and money are your most valuable enterprise assets, therefore our business model based on our digital ethics is built to ensure the highest savings with minimal waiting times: order, pay, and activate your product! Plus, all this is based on our strict ecological culture: since the first day, Mr Key Shop has only delivered digital products, ditching the physical transport. This way, we can help protect the environment, by reducing pollutants and waste. You’ll never have to wait for the courier, avoiding delays or lost parcels. With us, you can go 100% green, just link Mr Key Shop, an Eco-Friendly Company!

What will I get once I order Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs from Mr Key Shop?

Order your Windows Server 2016 RDS USER CALs and, at the end of your secure transaction, we’ll send your bundle to your inbox. Here’s what you get: 

  • - Your RDS USER CAL license bundle for Windows Server 2016 in the required amount
  • - Clear and accurate instructions on how to activate and deploy them
  • - Invoice
  • - Free English-speaking Technical Support

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To ensure you meet all the system requirements, choose the right version of your software by visiting the Windows Server 2016 product page.

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