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Buy Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs from Mr Key Shop. Save over the suggested price and receive your order right in your email within a few seconds. Pay via secure and tracked methods, with a full money-back warranty and free English-speaking Technical Support. See all the benefits of the Digital World from Mr Key Shop!

Order Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs for your Business now 

Purchase Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs from Mr Key Shop’s catalog at competitive prices. Order your RDS DEVICE CAL 2016 licenses for your business, authorize your devices within a few seconds from your order, and enjoy all the benefits from one of the best digital stores in the market!

If your company runs a Windows Server 2016 instance with RDS enabled, the DEVICE CALs from Mr Key Shop are your best option to deploy your CALs (Client Access Licenses) right away to your customers and staff devices. Discover all the benefits from Mr Key Shop right now!

What are the RDS DEVICE CALs?

Whenever a Windows Server instance includes the RDS service, this means you can deploy a remote desktop on that server, including resources like storage and processing. The service can be accessed by remote clients via the Internet or over the enterprise local network. For example, you can allow your smart-working employees to use a remote desktop, or let your in-house workers access the resources available from a server located in another area of your company’s building like they were physically in front of it. Alternatively, you can authorize your clients to access the paid RDS service provided by your organization. The Windows Server 2016 CAL licenses allow authorizing two types of targets: single users via credentials (username + password), via the USER CAL 2016 licenses, or unique devices via DEVICE CALs, namely the license you can order from this page.

Buy Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs, Mr Key Shop offers you maximum flexibility! As your company grows, you can add more Windows Server 2016 CALs, that can be activated with no due dates.  You can buy the type of CALs choosing from DEVICE and USER, furthermore, you can choose the ideal bundle for your requirements. Available bundles include 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 licenses you can always activate whenever you need them. This is another great benefit from our store!

Discover the features from Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs

With Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs, you can create desktop sessions with shared resources that are accessible by multiple employees from a PC or personal desktop sessions. 

Thanks to the VDI feature for Windows Server 2016, you can create a virtual desktop infrastructure where each user is assigned a personal desktop within the pool. Hyper-v (Windows Server Virtualization), included in the Windows Server 2016 OS, allows running multiple Operating Systems as Virtual Machines in Windows and hardware virtualization (each VM runs in different virtual hardware combinations). 

Activate your Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs in Digital Format

Your business deserves the best: maximize uptime, remove downtime, and increase your team members’ productivity in a breeze! Mr Key Shop’s catalog includes the RDS DEVICE CALs for Windows Server 2016 at an unmatched price. Order your 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 license bundles, activate the ones you need and save significantly over the MSRP.

Our digital delivery system ensures the highest timeliness: at the end of your order, you’ll receive in your inbox all you need, from your license bundle of Windows Server 2016 RDS CALs to step-by-step guidance to activate them, your official invoice, and the access to our free English-speaking Technical Support.

From us, you can shop with full confidence, save over your budget, and enjoy our full money-back warranty. Deploy your RDS service in a few seconds, meet your customers’ requirements in terms of remote access, and allow your staff to work better from their seats, by accessing the remote desktop services as they were physically in front of the remote machine on their desks!

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Deploy your Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs right away and help us save the planet

If you know us, you know we work following three pillars: timeliness, security, and simplicity. These translate into huge benefits for you and your company: firstly, cost savings with our genuine digital licenses, accurately selected for you, and then time savings, since you can activate your licenses right after the checkout. Time and money are the most valuable assets to your business and here at Mr Key Shop, we know it well. Thus, we implemented our authorized and professional service, with instant digital delivery and all the warranties you can expect from the best stores on the market.

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What will I get by ordering Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs?

Order Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CAL from Mr Key Shop. At the end of the checkout process, you’ll get a recap email including:

  • - Your license bundle for Windows Server 2016 RDS DEVICE CALs in the requested amount
  • - Step-by-step instructions on how to activate and deploy your licenses
  • - Invoice
  • - Free English-speaking Technical Support

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System Requirements

Choose your OS version by visiting the Windows Server 2016 page, checking the system requirements, and ordering a license at the best price.

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