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Purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL available from Mr Key Shop’s catalog. Activate your 100% digital licenses at the best price, with fast email delivery. Enjoy the full money-back... [click for more info]
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Purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL available from Mr Key Shop’s catalog. Activate your 100% digital licenses at the best price, with fast email delivery. Enjoy the full money-back guarantee and our free technical support.

Buy Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL for your business

Complete your business services by purchasing the Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL licenses available on the Mr Key Shop catalog at competitive prices! If your company deploys a Windows Server 2019 server instance running the RDS service, you can purchase RDS DEVICE CAL license packages in bundles of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 units at unmatched prices. Your company deserves only the best, and you can fully trust Mr Key Shop for the best digital software!

Deploy Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL in digital format

Mr Key Shop offers you a unique customer experience: buy your RDS DEVICE CAL packages for Windows Server 2019 with full confidence thanks to the tracked payment methods with SSL certificates, provided by the best providers on the market such as PayPal, Stripe, and the Pay services from Amazon, Google, and Apple, always with a money-back guarantee. Receive your CAL bundles immediately via email upon completion of your purchase to deploy your Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL licenses very quickly!

Thanks to Mr Key Shop, you can eliminate downtime. Our digital delivery service is activated right away, once payment is confirmed, and what you need is sent via email to proceed independently: your licenses, official download link (where relevant), comprehensive and easy step-by-step instructions, invoice, and access to our free English-speaking technical support, which will always provide you with assistance for any doubt, question or problem. It is the digital advantage of Mr Key Shop!

What is an RDS DEVICE CAL license?

Softwares, such as Windows Server 2019, include a specific system, called Remote Desktop Service or RDS, that allows remote users to access local resources on a desktop, hosted by the Windows Server instance, as if they were physically in front of the machine required for the task. Thereby, it gives employees the ability to access remote resources via the Internet or Corporate LAN and offer customers RDS services for a fee, like remote technical support.

DEVICE CAL licenses for RDS are licenses designed to authorize unique devices to access remote resources for clients. Each license is activated on a single device regardless of the user count. It is different in the case of USER CALs, also available for Windows Server 2019, which grants authorization to individual users with a combination of a username and a password.

Do you want to manage users authorizations? Buy Windows Server 2019 RDS USER CAL

Mr Key Shop offers bundles of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 licenses, which can be activated as needed and without time limits. That's why Mr Key Shop is always the reference point for the digital world, both for you and for your company!

Mr Key Shop The digital world at your fingertips

Digital delivery is now a very established distribution model. We see fewer physical boxes sold in shops and national retail stores, while the official and third-party stores are increasing in number. Although it wasn't always like that, 18 years ago, when we founded Mr Key Shop, we were among the first to believe in digital delivery for premium software. Time proved us right: we have satisfied over 350,000 customers, who have rewarded us with an Excellent rating on TrustPilot. We reciprocate the trust of our users with a professional, fast and safe store, with all the quality guarantees that a serious and reliable company like ours can provide.

Our team of experts is constantly working to find the best digital licenses at the lowest prices. Our digital delivery system, always 100% original and guaranteed, sends your product keys to your email within seconds from the purchase for your fullest satisfaction. Our catalog offers you the best of the digital world, here is a list with some examples: Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows 11 Professional or Windows 10 ProfessionalOffice Suites like Microsoft Office 2021 Professional, Office 2021 Home & Business for MacWindows Server products such as Storage Server 2016, SQL Server 2019, Windows Server 2019 and the related licenses 2019 USER CAL and 2019 DEVICE CAL, and last but not least, you will also find the best antivirus (like Kaspersky Internet Security and Norton 360). With Mr Key Shop, you can save up to 70% over the original price compared to official stores or other third-party catalogs.

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Our digital service is based on three pillars: simplicity, speed, and security. Our store guarantees maximum speed, a few seconds pass from purchase to delivery, with the highest security thanks to secure payment methods, all in the name of simplicity. The user experience provided by our digital delivery system is seamless, with a significant benefit in terms of saving money and time.

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What will you get with Windows Server 2019 DEVICE CAL from Mr Key Shop?

At the end of your secure transaction, you will receive a recap email of your order from Mr Key Shop containing the following:

  • - Your Windows Server 2019 RDS DEVICE CAL license bundle
  • -  Comprehensive and easy instructions on how to activate and distribute them
  • -  Invoice
  • -  Free technical support 

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System requirements

Visit the Windows Server 2019 page and choose your OS version to review your system requirements, and purchase an original digital license at the best price.

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