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Our Microsoft Office for MAC is now available! Buy your 100% genuine perpetual license at the best price, receive it immediately in your inbox, and activate your Office Suite with no hassle. Full money-back guarantee and free support in English [click for more info]


    • Reduced price

    PowerPoint 2016 for Mac - Product Key

    $96.99 $64.99

    PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, the presentation editor that has reinvigorated the digital world: with its intuitive interface and cutting-edge...

    • Reduced price

    PowerPoint 2019 for Mac - Product Key

    $117.99 $75.99

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for Mac is the presentation editor that has made the digital world a more vibrant and communicative place. This...

    • Reduced price

    PowerPoint 2021 for Mac - Product Key

    $150.99 $107.99

    Discover the freedom to create, share and present dynamically with Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 for Mac, the flagship program for your...

    • Reduced price

    Word 2019 for Mac - Product Key

    $117.99 $75.99

    Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a reliable and versatile text editor. It offers all the features you need...

    • Reduced price

    Word 2016 for Mac - Product Key

    $96.99 $64.99

    Buy Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac, and improve your digital life. It is an advanced, reliable, and versatile tool specifically designed to help...

    • Reduced price

    Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac - Product Key

    $128.99 $107.99

    Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac is the most recent version of the well-known spreadsheet editor, one of the most popular components of the...

    • Reduced price

    Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac - Product Key

    $117.99 $75.99

    Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac is a version of the popular spreadsheet editor that offers you an incredible range of features and benefits. It's a...

    • Reduced price

    Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - Product Key

    $96.99 $64.99

    Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac is one of the most popular versions of the widely used spreadsheet software produced by Microsoft. It's a solid...

    • Reduced price

    Office 2021 Home & Business for Mac - Product Key

    $321.99 $107.99

    If you want to enjoy the best out of the Mac world, without missing all the benefits from the best productivity suite around, Microsoft Office...

    • Reduced price

    Office Home and Student 2021 for Mac - Product Key

    $160.99 $107.99

    The new Home & Student version of the popular Microsoft suite is available also for Mac! If you don’t want to miss the convenience and...

    • Reduced price

    Office 2016 Home & Business for MAC - Product Key

    $267.99 $75.99

    Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac is an excellent solution when using Apple devices and computers. When purchasing this license, you will...

    • Reduced price

    Office 2019 Home & Business for MAC - Product Key

    $310.99 $85.99

    Office 2019 Home and Business for Mac is the perfect solution for Apple users, comprising all the applications of the Office package and...

Microsoft office for mac original

Buy Microsoft Office for Mac suites from Mr Key Shop at competitive prices, with Genuine and guaranteed Digital Licenses. Payments are secure and tracked with a full money-back warranty. Each order is delivered immediately after purchase, in case of issues or doubt, with free English-speaking Customer Service.


Buy your Microsoft Office for Mac suites

You can Microsoft Office for MAC suites from Mr Key Shop to save over the price list. Mr Key Shop’s catalog is complete and includes the best Microsoft Office for MAC suites. If your Apple laptop is not too up-to-date, you can buy Office 2016 for Mac, or order and download Office 2019 for Mac; both suites are still excellent and ideal for older systems – to ensure a seamless and solid experience to date.

Instead, if you have a next-generation Mac, choose Microsoft Office 2021 for MAC and get the most out of the new Microsoft suite, with collaboration and co-authoring features, cloud sync, and an overhauled UI. Office 2021 for MAC will be updated and optimized for the next iteration of macOS 12 Monterey, don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Office for MAC version and save cash!  We always recommend installing an Antivirus to protect your device, you can choose your Antivirus by clicking here.


Download Microsoft Office for MAC suites

Buy and immediately download Office from Mr Key Shop. This choice offers you many benefits: first of all, you will save on the price list; plus, you’ll receive your product key within a few seconds from your checkout. We’ll send you an email with an official ISO download link, a unique, genuine product key, complete, step-by-step instructions, and you invoice. Our store only provides secure and tracked payment methods, with a full money-back warranty: once you complete your checkout, you’ll be able to enjoy your new Office for Mac productivity suite, up and running in a few minutes. In case of doubt of issues, contact our free English-speaking Customer service, that will help you with all your inquiries!

Install Microsoft Office for MAC suites with digital licenses

Mr Key Shop is a 100% digital company. We created a professional service designed to offer the best prices with Digital Delivery. We immediately process your order via email, so we can also protect the environment. We do not rely on physical transport systems, so we can reduce our footprint, refraining from producing any pollutant or waste. This is why we’re proud to be a 100% Eco-Friendly company!


Are Microsoft Office for MAC licenses perpetual?

Yes, they are! Mr Key Shop’s catalog only offers perpetual licenses for all Microsoft Office for MAC suites. Each product key is linked to a Microsoft account. Whenever you need to reinstall your Office for MAC suite, just deactivate the previous installation and proceed with the new activation using your credentials.


What’s included with any Microsoft Office for MAC order on Mr Key Shop?

If you buy your license for a Microsoft Office for MAC suite from Mr Key Shop, you’ll save money and receive your order within a few seconds from the transaction. We’ll send you the following to your inbox:

  • Your new Microsoft Office for MAC suite (1 user license)
  • Official download link to the ISO file for Office for MAC
  • Clear, complete, and simple instructions on how to install Office for MAC
  • Free English-Speaking Customer Service
  • Invoice


Are you a reseller?

Are you a reseller? Contact us at and we will send you a tailor-made price list. Let’s work together!


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System Requirements

Please, see each Office for MAC version for the relevant minimum system requirements.

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