With the Trusted Shop guarantee, you can make your purchases on Mr Key Shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that you can count on a guaranteed refund of up to €2,500. That's why Mr Key Shop is truly your one-stop shop on the digital marketplace!


Trusted Shops and Mr Key Shop - A secure shopping experience

Mr Key Shop receives the Trusted Shops quality certificate, an essential step in our history because it confirms the quality of service we have been offering you for over 18 years. In addition, there is a concrete benefit for you: a money-back guarantee of up to €2,500 on every purchase!

tusted shops trustmark

What is the Trusted Shop warranty seal?

Trusted Shop is an independent certification body that, at the European level, ranks e-commerce businesses according to the quality criteria defined by EU directives:

  • supplier traceability
  • transparency
  • data protection and privacy
  • after-sales support and buyer protection

Companies that receive the seal of approval, just like Mr. Key Shop, best embody these principles.


How to activate the €2,500 money-back guarantee on Mr Key Shop?

To get your money back guarantee offered by Trusted Shops, simply complete your purchase at Mr Key Shops:

  • add your product to cart;
  • complete checkout;
  • after purchasing, you will be asked if you would like to activate your money back guarantee directly on the order summary page;
  • you will receive your Trusted Shops guarantee via email;
  • from the email you will be able to create and access your personal account where you can manage your guarantees.


What does the Trusted Shops guarantee include?

Trusted Shops protects all purchases made at ecommerce stores that have received certification, reimbursing the user for up to 2,500 in the following cases:

  • non-compliant delivery
  • failure to refund
  • fraud
  • problems with the seller

Trusted Shops and Mr Key Shop - Your purchases have never been safer

As you may know, for over 18 years, Mr Key Shop has continued to pursue the values of transparency, professionalism and convenience. Our products are all 100% genuine and guaranteed. 

We have always offered a full money back guarantee, but today, to ensure you an even safer and more enjoyable shopping experience, we are honored to receive the Trusted Shops quality certification: once again, Mr Key Shop is your ultimate reference in the digital marketplace!