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Purchase one of the best VPNs for PC and surf in full safety now! Secure payments,  instant order delivery, and our free English-speaking Technical Support are the main benefits of Mr Key Shop! Get your order instantly, always with a full money-back warranty [click for more info]


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Purchase one of the best VPNs for PC and surf in full safety now! Secure payments,  instant order delivery, and our free English-speaking Technical Support are the main benefits of Mr Key Shop! Get your order instantly, always with a full money-back warranty


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Buy a VPN for PC and save over the MSRP

VPNs for PC are the primary category because most Virtual Private Network services are mainly developed for PC and secondarily for other platforms. If you surf the web from a Windows PC or laptop and you wish to secure your sessions while, for example, you’re connecting to public access points or want to protect your privacy against your ISP, buy one of the best VPNs for PC and instantly gain access to geo-locked contents, hide your IP address, and ensure full anonymous sessions when you’re online!


Install and activate your PC VPN within a few seconds from your order

One of the main benefits of Mr Key Shop is timeliness. Once you complete your order, you’ll get in your inbox all you need to install and activate the PC VPN you’ve chosen and use it right away. No downtime, no waiting times: from purchase to activation, your VPN will be at your disposal within a few seconds! Install your PC VPN and protect yourself against any attack or vulnerability.


Protect your privacy with the best VPNs for PC

Protecting your device with one of the best VPNs for PC is crucial. Mr Key Shop has been focused on Digital Delivery since the first day of business. With over 18 years of expertise, our store has successfully served more than 350k users globally. We honored their trust with our dependable and professional service, which we designed with timeliness in mind. With Digital Distribution, our customers instantly receive their products. Furthermore, our secure and tracked payment methods powered by PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Apple, and Google, as well as credit/debit cards, together with our professional and qualified Technical Support team, our full money-back warranty and no extra costs, all this made us one of the most appreciated online stores, as confirmed by our 4.9/5 score (Excellent, 93%) on TrustPilot.


The best VPNs for PC from Mr Key Shop

Our catalog is rich and encompassing: together with the best VPNs for PC, you can also buy Windows 11 licenses (and other versions of the Microsoft Operating Systems), productivity suites like Office 2021 and Office for Mac, as well as the best antivirus brands like ESET, McAfee, and Bitdefender. Business users can also buy software like Windows Server 2022, SQL Server, and Windows Storage Server, saving up to 70% over the MRSP (this also applies to VPNs)! Our licenses are 100% digital, genuine, and guaranteed – all selected by our team of experts, who always work to ensure the best digital shopping experience for all our customers. This is why we’re your one-stop-shop for the digital world.


Download your VPN for PC and protect your online data and the environment

Choose and download your VPN for PC, and start protecting your online sessions. This is crucial if you care about your anonymity and privacy. We care about your security as well and this is the reason why we offer you the best VPNs for PC at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, we care about the environment and this has been one of our key drivers since the beginning of our career that led us to adopt Digital Delivery as our sole business model.

Benefits from Digital Delivery are significant: we can deliver each product right away, removing shipping and packaging costs and, above all, we can reduce pollution. With each product key distributed via email, each transaction closed with no paperwork or boxes to arrange, and each parcel removed from the circulation, we can reduce pollution and waste, one step after the other. This also means making the world healthier. It translates into Mr Key Shop’s Eco-Friendly philosophy and we want to say thank you for helping us protect the planet!


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Why should I use a PC VPN?

You might surf the web through a VPN for multiple reasons. For example, you can refrain other people from accessing your navigation history or getting your data. Furthermore, you can use a VPN when you access an unsecured public network, because any attacker may exploit vulnerabilities to violate your privacy and access your data. Moreover, many online services, for example, the streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, show their users a catalog that’s defined by their region. If you connect from the US, you’ll be able to watch only the contents destined for such a country, therefore, when you’re abroad and want to watch your local US Netflix’s catalog, you’ll need a VPN to make the service think you’re connecting from that region. Finally, if you’re in a country with strict Internet rules and restrictions over services like Google, Facebook, etc., you’ll only chance to elude bans and censorship is a VPN. Always ensure to choose a VPN that’s really capable of fully protecting your sessions: all the VPNs in Mr Key Shop’s catalog are 100% reliable and Premium.


What am I going to receive when I purchase my PC VPN from Mr Key Shop?

Buying your PC VPN from a Mr Key Shop means that you’ll get immediately all you need right in your inbox:

  • Your subscription license for your PC VPN
  • Guidance on how to download your VPN and configure the service on your PC
  • Invoice
  • Free English-speaking Technical Support


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System Requirements

Check the single VPN pages to learn more about the system requirements for each product. 

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