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Buy HMA VPN and save over the price list. With Mr Key Shop, you can make your purchases confidently, with secure payments, a full money-back warranty, and free English-speaking Technical Support. Receive your digital orders right away, just a few seconds after your order.


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Why Choose HMA VPN?

HMA VPN, aka HMA VPN, is a historical brand, with a long business tradition. Founded in 2005 by a high school student, in years, HMA gained users’ trust with a fast service (even in OpenVPN), an extensive and ever-growing network of servers, an excellent real-time Customer Support team, and, above all, an externally audited no-log policy.

What’s a “no-log policy”? In short, this is the commitment every VPN provider makes, promising not to log any data related to your online identity and activity. As a consequence, since they do not record any data, they cannot share them with third parties, for example, a Public Authority from a Country where Internet access is legally restricted.

Sure, any company can implement a no-log policy and then disregard it. Luckily, there are independent audit companies that execute security assessments to confirm or deny the privacy protection practices followed by VPN providers. In the case of HMA, the vendor hired VERSPRITE, a trusted and reliable auditing firm, to verify and validate what is promised in their no-log policy. The result was positive, therefore we can say that HMA doesn’t log any user data. If you’re looking for a VPN that effectively protects your online sessions even from data collections run by external entities, HMA VPN is among the services we recommend to consider!


What’s included with my order for HMA VPN placed on Mr Key Shop?

At the end of your order, you’ll get via email all you need to use HMA VPN:

  • Your subscription license for HMA VPN (1 month, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years)
  • Clear and simple instructions on how to download HMA VPN, configure and use it on your devices
  • Invoice
  • Free English-speaking customer support


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System Requirements

For the minimum system requirements, please visit the official HMA product page here on Mr Key Shop.

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