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Buy Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs for your Business and save. From Mr Key Shop, you can get the best 100% genuine and guaranteed digital licenses at the best price, all covered by a full... [click for more info]
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Buy Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs for your Business and save. From Mr Key Shop, you can get the best 100% genuine and guaranteed digital licenses at the best price, all covered by a full money-back warranty. Discover all the benefits of our store, like secure payments, instant email delivery, and free English-speaking Technical Support.

Purchase Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CAL for your Business 

If you’re looking for the best place where you can buy Microsoft Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs at the most competitive price for your Business, look no further:  Mr Key Shop is your go-to destination for Premium digital software. Order your license bundle for RDS CAL 2012 right now and activate them immediately after your purchase. This is the digital benefit of Mr Key Shop. Meet your customers’ needs and enable your remote teams in no time, with all the warranties from the best digital store in the market!

What are the RDS DEVICE CALs 2012?

If your Business runs a server with an instance of Windows Server 2012 and the RDS (Remote Desktop Service) is enabled, this will be usable and accessible only by the authorized devices. The remote desktop service allows a client to access the desktop local resources as the users were physically in front of that machine. For example, your employees can access a remote desktop from their office. Such desktop is hosted by one of the business servers located in another room of your building or even in a remote location since the connection can be enabled via the Internet or a local network.

Only the clients with the proper CALs (Client Access Licenses) can access the RDS service running in your instance of Windows Server. And Mr Key Shop’s catalog includes these CAL license bundles, coming in two types: RDS DEVICE CAL 2012, available on this page, that allow authorizing unique devices, and Windows Server 2012 USER CALs to deploy to nominal users via usernames + passwords.

Discover all the features of the Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs

With Microsoft Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs, you can create a collection of remote Desktop Services for desktop, as well as execute apps to be made available to users, in two different types: desktop sessions in pools (if you need that multiple workers access a shared resource pool) or personal desktop sessions to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI, each user is assigned a personal desktop from within the pool).  Furthermore, you can use the PowerShell feature to configure all the Windows Server functions and fix any bugs. It also integrates the VGPU feature that allows you to graphically improve the rendering for contents on the Hyper-V host.

Is your Business running Windows Server 2012? Purchase RDS DEVICE CALs 2012 to enable and grant specific users or devices remotely access the shared resources from your organization. 

Mr Key Shop ensures the highest flexibility, you can choose the license type (USER & DEVICE) and the desired amount: our bundles include 1, 5, 10, 20, or 50 units you can activate whenever you need them, with no time restrictions. These are the digital benefits of Mr Key Shop!

Activate your Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CAL licenses in Digital Format

Only with Mr Key Shop, you can save over the price list and immediately obtain your digital order, right after your secure transaction. With us, you pay only with secure and reliable payment systems, like PayPal, Stripe, and the Pay services from Amazon, Google, and Apple. Each order is covered by our full money-back warranty, therefore you can shop from Mr Key Shop with full confidence!

At the end of your transaction, you’ll get an email from our instant delivery system, with all you need to proceed autonomously: your Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs, step-by-step instructions to activate and deploy your licenses, your official invoice, and access to our free English-speaking Technical Support.

These are just some of the digital benefits of Mr Key Shop!

Discover the Digital World with Mr Key Shop

Today, the Digital Market is the primary channel for software procurement. 18 years ago this was almost unthinkable, since the prevalence of the retail market, with bulky boxes sold at specialized shops and retail chains. Mr Key Shop has believed in Digital Delivery since its inception, adopting this business model with no doubt. In time, we successfully served over 350k customers, with an average rating of Excellent on TrustPilot. Time proved us right! And now we offer an encompassing, premium quality catalog. From us, you can only buy 100% genuine and guaranteed licenses, at competitive prices. You can save up to 70% over the first-party or other resellers’ catalogs.

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Deploy Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs and protect the environment

Mr Key Shop made a customer journey based on simplicity, timeliness, and security. Secure payments and checkout processes allow you to quickly get your order, with no downtime. With our fully automated digital delivery system, you’ll get your order via email right after the payment confirmation.

Thus, as our team is constantly looking for the best digital licenses, always guaranteed and genuine, you can significantly save over the price list, as well as cut downtime. No couriers, no waiting times, no delays. With us, you’ll be sure you can deploy your Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CAL licenses in no time because time is money and we know it well!

Moreover, these benefits are bound to another key trait of our company: Mr Key Shop never shipped physical goods and never will. For this reason, we can help reduce pollution and waste. We’re a 100% Eco-Friendly Company and our ecological ethics guide us step after step!

How will I receive Windows Server 2012 RDS DEVICE CALs from Mr Key Shop?

Buy Windows Server RDS DEVICE CALs 2012 from us and you’ll instantly receive the following via email:

  • - Your Windows Server RDS DEVICE CAL bundle in the desired amount
  • - Clear and accurate instructions on how to activate and distribute your licenses
  • - Invoice
  • - Free English-speaking Technical Support

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System Requirements

Visit the page of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and select the version of your software to check the requisites and order a license at a competitive price!

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