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Buy Windows Server 2019 CAL from Mr Key Shop. Here you find genuine licenses at the best price, secure payments with SSL protection and reliable payment providers, a full money-back warranty, and free English-speaking customer service.  [click for more info]


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Buy Windows Server 2019 CAL from Mr Key Shop. Here you find genuine licenses at the best price, secure payments with SSL protection and reliable payment providers, a full money-back warranty, and free English-speaking customer service. 


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Windows Server 2019 CAL licenses are available from Mr Key Shop’s catalog. Buy your CAL licenses for Windows Server 2019, save over the price list, and receive your order right away with our instant digital delivery system. We offer the best of the digital world at competitive prices, discover our software catalog including Windows 11, Office 2021, and Microsoft Windows Server, now enriched with USER and DEVICE CAL licenses for Windows Server 2019 and other versions of this Microsoft Operating System for servers.

WARNING: This page is related exclusively to Client Access Licenses (CALs) to be used with a server where Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is active and running.


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Mr Key Shop’s store offers the Windows Server 2019 CAL licenses, order the amount you need, from 1 to 50, so you won’t buy any unnecessary licenses! With us, you can save over the price list and obtain your order right away, these are the key benefits of shopping from Mr Key Shop! Digital Delivery is our unique distribution model: at the end of your purchase, which is always secured and guaranteed, you’ll get everything you need in your inbox, from the CAL license bundle you ordered to clear and accurate instructions to proceed to deploying and activating the Windows Server 2019 CAL licenses you purchased. Moreover, you can choose to buy licenses for users or devices: if you are not certain about the type or amount of licenses you need, ask your IT team or contact our free English-speaking Customer Support!


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Our team of experts is always looking for the best digital products, 100% genuine, and at the best prices. Our goal is not only to let you stay within your budget! Our proven Digital Delivery System engages immediately after your purchase so that you can have everything you need right in your inbox. This way, you’ll save time and remove downtime. From ordering to activation in a few seconds, without having to wait for the courier – this is the value we want to ensure with each transaction. The above statement is the foundation of our digital ethics, that’s bound to our ecological culture: since we never ship any physical goods, we can cut pollution and waste generated by the real-world transport system. Mr Key Shop is a 100% Eco-Friendly Company!


What are CAL licenses and why do I need Windows Server 2019 CALs?

CALs are Client Access Licenses that allow users or devices to access services or tools provided by a given server. This way, only authorized users or devices can benefit from such features. The types of CAL licenses for Windows Server 2019 are USER, to be linked to discrete users with unique credentials, and DEVICE, to be activated for single devices. If you have an instance of Windows Server 2019 for your services/products to be used by your customers or your staff, you’ll need a CAL license for each user/device that needs to access the relevant server.


What will I get if I buy Windows Server 2019 CALs from Mr Key Shop?

At the end of your secure checkout on Mr Key Shop, you’ll get a recap of your order for Windows Server 2019 CAL via email, including the following:

  • Your Windows Server 2019 CALs, according to the required amount and type
  • Clear and simple instructions on how to deploy and activate your CALs
  • Invoice
  • Free English-speaking Customer Support


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System Requirements

Please see the page for Windows Server 2019 to check the system requirements.

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