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Purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL from Mr Key Shop and save over the list price, pay with secure methods and SSL encryption. Enjoy our instant digital delivery system, with a full money-back guarantee and free English-speaking technical support. [click for more info]


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Purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL from Mr Key Shop and save over the list price, pay with secure methods and SSL encryption. Enjoy our instant digital delivery system, with a full money-back guarantee and free English-speaking technical support.


Order Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs for your business and save money

Your company deserves the best only, which is why Mr Key Shop enriched its catalog with RDS CALs for Windows Server 2019. You can purchase this software, if your company’s servers host the Remote Desktop Service (RDS), to allow your team to access the remote resources of a corporate remote desktop or to provide your customers with paid technical support or other professional services through an instance of Windows Server 2019, you can purchase the necessary CALs to authorize users and devices at the best price from us!


Activate your Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL licenses in digital format

Discover the catalog of high quality digital products on Mr Key Shop! With us,  you can save up to 70% over the official price lists, with immediate activation of the licenses. Buy Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs with the utmost confidence: after completing your secure transaction with a SSL certificate, through tracked and reliable payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Google and Apple Pay, and much more, you will immediately receive your license bundle via email (you can choose between 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 unit packages), so you can activate your Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL licenses right away. You can save time and money only with Mr Key Shop, thanks to our proven fast digital delivery system, with the reliability of one of the best digital stores on the market: with us, you always enjoy the complete satisfaction of the money-back guarantee, so you can order your products with full confidence!


What is a RDS CAL Server license?

RDS CALs allow you to authorize devices and users to access active remote desktop services on an instance of Windows Server. CAL stands for Client Access License, therefore authorized remote clients can use the local resources of a remote desktop just as if the user was physically in front of it.

The advantage of CAL is to implement access control based on user credentials or machine addresses, so as to make the RDS service exclusively accessible by authorized users/devices, for security or commercial reasons, if your company sells RDS-based services. Windows Server already contains the RDS service, and if you need a license for the product itself, visit the dedicated pages to discover Windows Server 2019 or the other editions included in the Mr Key Shop catalog. By purchasing CAL licenses, instead, you get packages of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 licenses. Purchase RDS USER CALs 2019, used to authorize individual users, or RDS DEVICE CALs 2019, to activate discrete devices. Another advantage offered by Mr Key Shop is that you can activate only the licenses you need, without time limits.


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For over 18 years, Mr Key Shop has successfully served individuals and companies through a catalog of digital products that are always genuine and guaranteed by our team of experts. Over 350,000 customers were able to experience first-hand the quality of our service, paying off our professionalism with a rating of Excellent on TrustPilot.

Overtime, we have fine-tuned our 100% licensed and professional store, introducing the best software products on the market, such as Microsoft operating systems (Windows 11 or Windows 10), Office packages, such as Microsoft Office 2021 or Office 2019, including Office for Mac - the top for collaboration among multiple teams - Windows Server products, including SQL Server, Storage Server and the best of USER and DEVICE CAL licenses, without forgetting the best Antivirus brands, such as ESET, AVAST and much more. Only with us, you can save up to 70% over official and third-party price lists, always having the absolute certainty of purchasing 100% original licenses. Discover the digital world with Mr Key Shop: our delivery system is activated immediately after your order, sending everything you need to proceed independently right to your inbox.

Receive your RDS CAL license package in the required quantity and standard, simple and intuitive instructions on how to deploy and implement your Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL licenses and your invoice. Furthermore, you can always access our free technical support service.


Deploy your Microsoft Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL licenses and protect the environment

If you have already taken a tour on our site, you will have noticed that our store is based on three fundamental pillars: speed, simplicity and security. As a matter of fact, our purchasing procedure is very simple and fast. After completing your transaction, always with secure and SSL-encrypted certificate, you will immediately receive your order via email, with clear instructions on how to download, install and activate it. These three benefits translate into an additional benefit for you and your business: saving time and budget.

Time and money are valuable assets, but more importantly, our planet is our most important resource of all. Without a healthy environment, we cannot thrive, which is why we decided from the first day of business to rely solely and exclusively on a fully digital delivery model. From this point of view, we are among the first to believe in this distribution channel, which can go well beyond video games. Time has proved us right, personal and business software are now almost the exclusive prerogative of the digital market. By abandoning the transport of goods from the get-go – since we have not shipped and will never ship physical products – we can contribute to the reduction of pollution and waste disposal. We are proud to be a 100% Eco-Friendly company, just like you.


What you get by purchasing Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL from Mr Key Shop

If you decide to purchase Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL from us, at the end of your order, Mr Key Shop will send you a recap email with the following:

  • Your package of RDS CALs for Windows Server 2019 in the required version and amount
  • Clear and simple instructions to activate and implement your licenses
  • Invoice
  • Free English-speaking customer support


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System requirements

See the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 product page and select you OS version to verify minimum requirements and to purchase a product key at the best price.

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