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Buy Microsoft Publisher now from Mr Key Shop and save on your 100% genuine and guaranteed product key. Instant digital delivery, secure transactions with tracked payments, and full money-back guarantee are our key benefits. Learn about all the others, including free English-speaking Technical Support [click for more info]


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    Microsoft Publisher 2019 - Product Key

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    Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing tool allowing you to design, customize and share a multitude of professional-looking publications...

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    Microsoft Publisher 2016 - Product Key

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    Microsoft Publisher 2016 is a desktop publishing tool which enables you to create, customize, and share a wide range of professional-quality...

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    Publisher 2021 - Product Key

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    Publisher 2021 is the most recent version of the famous desktop publishing app created by Microsoft, a high-quality software that allows you to...

Microsoft Publisher


Buy Microsoft Publisher now from Mr Key Shop and save on your 100% genuine and guaranteed product key. Instant digital delivery, secure transactions with tracked payments, and full money-back guarantee are our key benefits. Learn about all the others, including free English-speaking Technical Support


Microsoft Publisher - Buy the perfect tool for desktop publishing

Microsoft Publisher is the ideal solution in the world of graphic design and digital publishing. Having the right tools makes all the difference. This software is positioned as the perfect option for those who want to create marketing materials, brochures, flyers, and any other type of publication with a professional look, without the complexity of advanced graphic programs. Ease of use, intuitive interface, and high-quality pre-set templates make Publisher a favorite choice for beginners and professionals alike. Buy your license now at Mr Key Shop and unleash your creativity in the art of desktop publishing.

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If, on the other hand, you want to save money and use only the tools you really need, on this page you can buy Publisher as a standalone version: discover all its features now and bring all your projects to life!


Features and Benefits of Microsoft Publisher with Mr Key Shop

Microsoft Publisher is not just a simple desktop publishing program; it is a powerful and versatile platform designed to bring your ideas to life. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  • Intuitive Interface: Even if you have never had experience in the publishing world, Publisher makes it easy to get started with its clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Pre-set templates: From brochures to flyers to postcards and newsletters, you'll have access to a wide range of ready-to-use professional templates.
  • Advanced customization: In addition to templates, Publisher offers advanced tools to customize every detail, ensuring unique results in line with your brand.
  • Integration with other Microsoft software: Publisher integrates seamlessly with other products in the Office family, making it easy to exchange and process data.
  • Simplified printing and sharing: Once you have finished your project, you can print it, save it in different formats or share it online with just a few clicks.

By purchasing the standalone version of Microsoft Publisher on Mr Key Shop, you not only get access to all these great features, but you also get it at an especially great price. An unmissable opportunity for those looking for quality and affordability.


Publisher - Bring your promotional materials to life easily and instantly

In the digital age, presenting yourself at your best is essential, and with Microsoft Publisher, this mission becomes child's play. This tool is a true creative workshop, designed to offer a wide range of possibilities, even for those with no previous experience in graphic design.

Publisher's capabilities go far beyond just creating flyers. Think eye-catching brochures, detailed catalogs, professional business cards, engaging newsletters, and more. Its intuitive interface makes it the ideal option for both marketing professionals looking for quick but effective solutions and small businesses and freelancers who want to build a solid brand image without expensive graphics software or outside agencies.

Whether you are a nonprofit wanting to create a brochure for a charity event, a restaurant aiming to create an exciting new menu, or an event agency looking for the perfect program for its invitations, Publisher has what you need. It is not just software, but a reliable partner in creating quality promotional materials.


Download Publisher and make your projects now

Downloading Publisher Mr Key Shop is a smooth, intuitive and, most importantly, secure process. Once you have completed your purchase, an email will provide you with everything you need to get your creative juices flowing: an authentic product key, a link to securely download Publisher, clear guides for unhindered installation, and your invoice.

The security of your data and transactions is our priority. To provide you with optimal protection, Mr Key Shop provides you with various established and secure payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon/Apple/Google Pay and all major credit/debit cards. With us, every step of your purchase is surrounded by a secure environment.

One of our strengths? A money back guarantee on every transaction to give you additional peace of mind and confidence. And if for any reason you need clarification or assistance, our technical support, free and entirely in English, is always ready to step in. With Mr Key Shop, downloading Publisher turns into a smooth and uncomplicated experience, allowing you to focus on what really matters: creating unique, quality publishing projects.


Install Publisher immediately after download: the unique experience of Mr Key Shop

Install Publisher without any hiccups thanks to Mr Key Shop. At the end of your purchase, a handy email will provide you with every useful detail. Designed to provide clarity and simplicity, the document will walk you through each step of the setup, making the action of installing Microsoft Publisher an accessible process for everyone, regardless of prior skills.

One of Mr Key Shop's priorities is to ensure a smooth installation. The uniqueness of our offering lies in the attention to detail: the instructions attached to the order summary email are simple yet comprehensive, eliminating any doubt and allowing anyone to have Microsoft Publisher ready to use in just a few steps.


Activate Publisher: your decisive step toward creativity with Mr Key Shop

With Mr Key Shop, activating Publisher becomes a simple and secure gesture. Thanks to the product key, included in the order summary email and always authentic and certified, you will be able to access the full spectrum of Publisher's features, securing an official and perpetual license to use it, i.e., without time limits. Remember: for some editions of Publisher, a valid Microsoft account may be required. In any case, Mr. Key Shop guides you through each step, enabling you to activate Microsoft Publisher and achieve your maximum publishing effectiveness in no time.


Publisher: scopri l’arte del desktop publishing con Mr Key Shop

With Microsoft Publisher, you'll enter a world of desktop publishing that has conquered desktops in every corner of the planet.

With this tool, the possibilities are endless: from a wide range of predefined templates to advanced design features, from enrichment with detailed images to versatile layout options.

By choosing Mr Key Shop, you ensure unparalleled value: with over 18 years of presence in the digital marketplace and an outstanding score on TrustPilot based on over 2,500 positive feedbacks, we represent excellence in the industry.

Not only do we guarantee reliability, but with Mr Key Shop you also have the opportunity for significant savings, being able to access discounts of up to 70% on our assortment. Protect your devices with top-notch antivirus solutions, recovery software for Windows 11 and Windows 10, and boost your online privacy with top-performing VPNs for various operating systems and devices. You can also purchase a Windows 11 Pro product key in a few simple steps. If your business requires additional resources, discover products such as Microsoft Windows Server 2022 and many other offerings.

With Mr Key Shop, every purchase becomes a memorable experience: fast, clear and high quality. Your main ally in the digital world is waiting for you.


Enhance your visual communication with Publisher and help us save the planet

Publisher allows you to create stunning marketing materials with a highly professional level of quality, with all the intuitiveness typical of Office apps.

Moreover, if you decide to buy Microsoft Publisher from Mr Key Shop, you will help us in our environmental cause. In fact, since our founding, we have chosen to use only and exclusively digital delivery: in this way, we guarantee you immediate delivery times at a lower cost, since you will never pay shipping costs. More importantly, we can make a concrete contribution to reducing the production of greenhouse gasses and polluting packaging.

We are a 100% eco-friendly company, and if you decide to choose us as your trusted partner, you too can do your part in protecting the environment. Together, we can make a difference, and much more!


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What do I get when I order Microsoft Publisher from Mr Key Shop?

Your shopping experience on Mr Key Shop will always be transparent, secure and professional. When you order Publisher from our catalog, you receive:

  • Your 100% genuine and guaranteed Publisher product key
  • Clear and complete instructions on how to download, install and activate Publisher
  • Purchase invoice
  • Free English-speaking Technical Support


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Publisher system requirements

The minimum requirements for using Publisher depend on the version of the tool you wish to purchase: please visit the individual product pages to learn more.

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