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Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business

Office 2021 Home & Business - Product Key

Buy Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 from Mr Key Shop at an affordable price, with secure payment methods and money-back guarantee. You will receive your original license immediately by... [click for more info]
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Buy Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 from Mr Key Shop at an affordable price, with secure payment methods and money-back guarantee. You will receive your original license immediately by e-mail after completing your order and can count on free, Italian-language customer service.

Microsoft Office Home and Business: Buy it now at Mr Key Shop and work efficiently!

*IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the version for Mac devices, visit the Microsoft Office Home & Business For Mac 2021 Lifetime License page.

Discover Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business and buy it today on Mr Key Shop to improve your work efficiency! With a wide range of useful and powerful tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, you can easily manage your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and communications. Mr Key Shop offers you the opportunity to purchase the original Office 2021 Home and Business license at an advantageous price, guaranteeing secure and tracked payment methods. Microsoft Office is back in its version for professionals and businesses, not only renovating its UI but also introducing many new features for collaboration and teamwork. Choose Office Home & Business 2021 if you already use Windows 11 Pro or plan to upgrade to Windows 11 Professional. If you need a genuine license, our encompassing catalog is at your disposal. Mr Key Shop cares a great deal about your security and the protection of your data. Therefore, before proceeding with the installation of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021, we strongly recommend that you install a good antivirus for Windows 10 or 11 and make a full PC backup.

These two steps are essential to ensure that your device is protected from threats and that your data is safe. A reliable antivirus helps protect your system from viruses, malware and other malware threats that could compromise the security of your data and device. In addition, a quality antivirus can help you detect and remove potential threats before they can cause damage or interfere with your software installation. Making a full backup of your PC is equally important because it allows you to save a copy of all your files, documents and settings, in case a problem occurs during the installation of Office 2021 Home & Business or other unforeseen complications arise. A backup will give you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and that you can easily restore it if necessary. By following these tips, you will be able to install Office 2021 Home & Business in a safe and secure environment, minimizing risks and ensuring your data and device are protected. Mr Key Shop is always available to offer you support and assistance at every stage of the process, ensuring an optimal and worry-free user experience.

Buy Office 2021 Home and Business

Discover the powerful apps and features of Office Home and Business 2021 to transform the way you work!

Office 2021 Home and Business includes new versions of the most popular tools, such as Word 2021, Excel 2021, PowerPoint 2021 and OneNote 2021. The integration with Microsoft Teams will also ensure greater productivity for your entire office! Collaborate and create documents together with your team, with customized comments and advanced cloud synchronization features.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 includes:

  • Excel 2021: offers new data analysis functions, such as XLOOKUP and LET, which make it easier to manage and analyze complex data. In addition, users can take advantage of new data types and predefined templates for better organization of information. In addition, with dynamic arrays you can use a single formula to derive arrays of values, while with the LET function you can name calculation results to store intermediate values or use names in formulas. Speed up your formulas with recognisable names.
  • Word 2021: In addition to classic functionality, Word 2021 introduces improved support for accessibility, enhanced voice dictation and integration with Microsoft Editor for more advanced text review and correction.
  • PowerPoint 2021: introduces support for video and SVG animations, as well as the Presenter Coach function to improve presentation skills. New transitions and predefined themes make it easier to create eye-catching, professional presentations. Enjoy enhanced recording in PowerPoint 2021 and create links to individual slides for easy sharing with collaborators.
  • Outlook 2021: features an optimized user interface with improved folder management and integration with Microsoft Teams. The 'Scheduler' function makes it easier to plan meetings, while the 'To Do' function allows you to keep track of tasks and activities. Translate your email directly on Outlook 2021 and use the virtual ink to take notes with your finger, your mouse, or a stylus.
  • Do you or your clients use OpenOffice? No problem: Office 2021 Home & Business is fully compatible with its formats.
  • If you work in teams, make the best out of the advanced co-authoring features, including customized comments. In addition to these core apps, Office 2021 Home & Business includes security updates, performance enhancements and access to new tools and cloud services to ensure an optimal user experience.

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business offers even more modern features, especially if you use it with Microsoft Windows 11. Install your new productivity suite right away, get your genuine license from Mr Key Shop, save money, and download Microsoft Office Home & Business immediately after purchase.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 download: how to get the latest version to boost your productivity

Download Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 from Mr Key Shop: you’ll save over the MSRP and get your 100% genuine product key within a few seconds from checkout. We made an efficient system to immediately download, install and activate your product. Boost your productivity and make the most of the powerful features of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021! 

We ensure instant email delivery, with all you need to use your new Office 2021 suite in full autonomy: product key, official ISO file download link for Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business, clear and accurate step-by-step guidance. In case of issues, you can always rely on our free English-speaking Customer Service! We only offer secure and tracked payment methods so you can order your Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business license with your peace of mind: each purchase is covered by our full money-back warranty.

Download Office 2021 Home and Business

Install Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business with a digital license

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation of Office 2021 Home and Business. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Once the installation is complete, Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business will be ready to be used on your device. We’re an Eco-Friendly company: our store includes only Premium digital products, all genuine and guaranteed. With digital delivery, we can reduce our footprint, removing pollutants and waste generated by transport systems. You won’t have to wait for the delivery, since you can enjoy your purchase right away, thus helping us protect the environment. This is another big benefit from Mr Key Shop, a 100% green store!

Activate Office Home and Business 2021 in just a few steps: unlock all features!

To activate Office Home and Business 2021, start one of the Office 2021 Home & Business applications, such as Word or Excel, and enter the activation code you received by e-mail after purchasing from Mr Key Shop. Copy and paste the code into the appropriate field and click 'Next' or 'Activate' to continue. The system will check the activation code and, if valid, activate your software. You may need to restart the application to apply the changes. To ensure that Office Home and Business 2021 has been correctly activated, go to the "Account" or "Product Information" section within the application and check the activation status. By following these simple steps, you can activate Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 and unlock all of its powerful features. Now you are ready to work more efficiently and productively!

Office 2021 Home And Business Key: do digital licenses have an expiry date?

No. Our catalog only includes perpetual licenses for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021. Each product key sold by Mr Key Shop is bound to a Microsoft account and not a single machine/hardware combo. This is why you can reinstall your Office 2021 Home & Business suite with no restrictions: just deactivate your previous installation and proceed with the new one.

What do I receive once I have completed my Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business purchase on Mr Key Shop?

Once you purchase your Microsoft Office 2021 suite from Mr Key Shop, you’ll immediately receive an email with the following:

  • Original license: An activation code for the original Office 2021 Home & Business licence, which will allow you to unlock and use the full functionality of the software.
  • Delivery by email: The activation code will be delivered immediately by email, along with instructions for installing and activating the product.
  • Customer support: You will have access to free customer support in Italian provided by Mr Key Shop, to resolve any doubts or problems related to the installation, activation or use of the software.
  • Money back guarantee: Mr Key Shop offers a money back guarantee to give you peace of mind when purchasing and using Office 2021 Home & Business.
  • Guides: Clear and comprehensive instructions on how to download, install and activate Office 2021 Home & Business
  • Invoice

So you can start using Office 2021 Home & Business quickly and smoothly, with all the resources and support you need for an optimal experience.

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Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business and Windows: the perfect duo for your working environment

Today, the installation and compatibility of Office 2021 Home & Business are exclusively guaranteed by Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating Systems. Other versions of Microsoft Office Suite are available in our store: Office 2021Office 2019Office 2016 - Office 2013 - Office 2010, is also available Microsoft Office for MAC
*Available but not compatible with Office 2021 Home & Business: Windows 7Windows 8

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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 System Requirements

CPU 1GHz dual-core processor
GPU DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 2.0 or higher
Memory 4GB RAM
Storage 4GB of free space
Display min. resolution of 1280 x 768.
Browser up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
Operating Systems compatibility Windows 10 and Windows 11

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