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Microsoft Project 2021 Standard - buy the task planning app at the best price

Microsoft Project 2021 Standard is the perfect solution for managing and organizing work and personal activities. The software is specifically intended to meet the needs of corporate users and companies. Microsoft Project 2021 Standard assists you in creating your projects by improving the way you manage each activity, and the timelines required to complete each step of the plan. The Office package's traditional layout serves as the foundation for Microsoft Project 2021 Standard's functionality, making it immediately clear and easy to use. 

Project 2021 Standard is a single app; however, if you're interested in the whole Office suite, you can get an original product key from our catalog and choose from a great variety of editions of the software, including Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac or Office Professional 2021 Professional Plus.

Microsoft Project 2021 Standard: features and benefits

The basic version of the project management software created by Microsoft is called Microsoft Project 2021 Standard. This update comes with a number of improvements and benefits that promote efficient project planning, monitoring, and management for companies. The following are a few of the main features and benefits associated with Microsoft Project 2021 Standard:

  • Advanced Planning: Microsoft Project 2021 Standard allows you to create a detailed project plan, which includes tasks, milestones, start and finish times, dependencies and resource assignments. You can create a plan visualization using Gantt charts, calendars and network diagrams.
  • Resource management: the software allows you to assign resources to tasks, and keep track of available resources. You can assign human, material, and financial resources to tasks, and track their use throughout the project.
  • Monitoring and Control: Microsoft Project 2021 Standard provides dashboards, reports, and progress charts for tracking project status. You can keep track of how your tasks are doing, see any delays or deviations, and implement the appropriate corrective measures.
  • Collaboration and communication: sharing the project plan with team members via the software promotes better teamwork and communication. You can assign tasks to team members, track comments and plan changes, and send update notifications.
  • Time and cost management: Microsoft Project 2021 Standard allows you to estimate the time and cost of activities, providing a complete view of the project budget. You can monitor actual costs, compare them with the projected budget, and generate financial reports.
  • Customization: The program offers you the chance to customize the project plan in accordance with the unique requirements of the company. You can add custom fields, define rules and filters, and create templates for similar projects.

Project Standard 2021 is a project management software suitable for both self-employed and freelancers, as well as small businesses. Use the software to better set and manage deadlines, preventing the use of unnecessary staff or resources. You can also import existing data from Word or Excel to save time and make the most of all your Microsoft applications.

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Microsoft Project Standard vs Professional 2021

Microsoft Project 2021 is available in two editions: Standard and Professional. Here is a comparison between Microsoft Project Standard and Professional 2021:

  • Basic Features: both the Standard and Professional editions offer basic project management features, including plan creation, task tracking, and resource management.
  • Advanced Resource Management: resource management features are added in the Professional edition. This leads to improved enterprise-wide resource optimization, for instance, by allowing the creation of a resource pool that is shared across several projects.
  • Advanced collaboration and communication: the Professional edition includes advanced collaboration and communication tools. For example, you can synchronize your project plan with Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate information sharing and allow remote access to your project plan.
  • Advanced reporting tools: the Professional edition offers greater flexibility in report generation and analysis. You can create custom reports, use advanced analysis tools, and integrate project data with other Microsoft applications, such as Excel and Power BI.
  • Project Portfolio Management: project portfolio management functionality is only available in the Professional edition and lets you evaluate and select projects based on tactical strategies, allocate resources effectively, and receive a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects.
  • Automation and VBA programming: the Professional version allows you to use the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming language to automate some tasks and further customize the software.

Basic project management features are provided by Microsoft Project 2021 in both of its editions. Advanced features for resource management, teamwork, reporting, and project portfolio management are only included in the Professional edition. The specific needs of your company and the complexity of the projects you wish to manage will determine which of the two versions you should purchase.

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With Mr Key Shop you can download Project Standard 2021 in the blink of an eye. Simply choose the payment method you prefer from a long list of secure and tracked options, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon/Apple/Google Pay, credit/debit cards, and carry out your purchase. Within seconds from purchase, you will receive an email containing everything you need to download Microsoft Project 2021 Standard, install it, and start using it. The confirmation email contains a 100% genuine and guaranteed activation key, a set of clear and detailed installation instructions, an official and secure download link, and your purchase invoice.

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Install Microsoft Project 2021 Standard and improve your project management

Install Microsoft Project 2021 Standard to improve your remote team and project management by delegating tasks and assignments, and tailoring the hours and resources allocated to each sub-area.

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What do I get with my Microsoft Project 2021 Standard order from Mr Key Shop?

Once you have completed your secure purchase on the Mr Key Shop portal, you will receive via email everything you need to reach full functionality with Microsoft Project Standard 2021:

  • Your Ms Project 2021 Standard product key
  • Simple step-by-step instructions on how to download Microsoft Project Standard, install it, and activate it
  • Your purchase invoice
  • Free English-speaking Technical Support

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Microsoft Project 2021 Standard system requirements

Operating system: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, dual core
RAM: 4GB RAM; 2GB RAM (32-bit)
Hard disk space: 4GB RAM
Video Resolution: 1280 x 768 screen resolution
Graphics:  A DirectX 10 graphics card is required for graphics hardware acceleration
Other requirements: Internet access, Microsoft account

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