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Buy your Windows Server CAL licenses from Mr Key Shop. Here you’ll find the best prices, with SSL-secure and tracked payments, a full money-back warranty, and free English-speaking Customer Support. Enjoy all the benefits of instant Digital Delivery and protect the environment [click for more info]
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Buy your Windows Server CAL licenses from Mr Key Shop. Here you’ll find the best prices, with SSL-secure and tracked payments, a full money-back warranty, and free English-speaking Customer Support. Enjoy all the benefits of instant Digital Delivery and protect the environment


Buy the Windows Server CAL licenses for your Business

If your business requires Windows Server CAL licenses, namely Client Access Licenses for your instance of Windows Server (available in different editions from our catalog), you’re in the right place! Order your CAL licenses for devices or users and save with Mr Key Shop’s digital licensing!

Buy the desired amount (1-50 licenses), choose between USER CALs, if you need to license single users, and DEVICE CALS, to license discrete devices, pay via SSL-secure methods and receive your order within a few seconds from your purchase!

NOTE: this page is related to CAL licenses for Windows Server. This is not the operating system product page that, for example for the 2022 version, you can find here! These licenses allow nominal users or devices to use the features offered by one or more servers. However, the latter ones need to run an instance of Windows Server. Discover all the editions available from Mr Key Shop’s catalog.


Obtain and activate your Windows Server CAL license right after the purchase with Mr Key Shop

Your servers may be offering specific features other devices or users need to access by using discrete credentials with a Client Access License or CAL.

With Mr Key Shop, by ordering your USER or DEVICE CAL licenses, you’ll immediately get your license package in your inbox, just like when you buy a software product like Windows 11, Office 2021, or Microsoft Windows Server. This way, you can deploy and activate them within a few minutes, ensuring your customers’ fullest satisfaction or complete efficiency across your IT departments if they need to access your business servers.

If you’re not sure about which CAL license is required by your company, no worries! Our free English-speaking Customer Service is at your disposal and is more than happy to help you pick the USER or DEVICE CALs you need.


The Digital World is in your hands with Mr Key Shop, even for your Windows Server CAL licenses

Mr Key Shop has been a 100% digital company since its inception, with over 18-year experience in the Digital Delivery market and a track record of reliability and professionalism, with more than 350k customers successfully served around the world and a rating of ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot.

Rely on us not only for your favorite software products, like Microsoft OSs, Office suites, and Antiviruses but also for server products for your business. You’ll find your Microsoft Windows Server (or Windows Storage Server and Microsoft SQL Server) product keys, as well as Windows Server CAL licenses to deploy according to single users or discrete devices. Although, in this case, you’re not buying a ‘product’, your order will be processed with the same speed and professionalism you experienced with your software products purchased from Mr Key Shop.

At the end of checkout, which is exclusively processed via SSL-secured methods with the best payment providers in the world, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Google, and Apple, you’ll receive your package of USER or DEVICE CALs (1-50 units) directly in your inbox, with clear and accurate instructions on how to use them to activate the required users or devices.

Together with cost savings ensured by our professional team always looking for the best digital products at the lowest price and the possibility to eliminate downtime, another strength of Mr Key Shop’s automated delivery services is their sustainability. Since our first day, we’ve followed strict professional ethics guiding us in each step to build a fully digital distribution model, together with an ecological culture making us a 100% green company: since we never ship any physical goods, we can help reduce pollution and waste. Mr Key Shop is an Eco-Friendly Company!


What are the Windows Server CAL licenses and why do I need them?

If your business servers offer services or tools that are accessed via Client Access Licenses, you need to deploy a license for your customers or staff to use them. The CAL licenses available from Mr Key Shop’s catalog are two: USER, linked to a nominal user with personal credentials, and DEVICE, linked to specific devices, i.e. according to their machine address. Assess your requirements with your internal experts or check with our free English-speaking Customer Service to see which CAL license type is the best suited for your use case.


What will I get when I order my Windows Server CAL licenses from Mr Key Shop?

Once you complete your order, you’ll get an email with all you need to use your CAL license package right away:

  • - The Windows Server CAL licenses you chose (USER or DEVICE), in the required amount for your chosen Windows Server version
  • - Detailed instructions on how to deploy and activate your CALs
  • - Invoice
  • - Free English-speaking Customer Support


Are you a reseller? Work with Mr Key Shop and grow your business!

Offer the best from the digital world at the lowest prices with Mr Key Shop! If you’re a reseller and distribute products like Microsoft Windows Server and the relevant CAL licenses, visit the MKReseller program page or mail us at for your customized price list!


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System Requirements

Please check the single versions of Microsoft Windows Server in our catalog for the full minimum system requirements.

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